Levity Entertainment Offers Groundbreaking Marketing Services for Comedy Clients

Jeff DunhamLevity Productions, Levity Management, Triage Entertainment, and branded entertainment production company Medium will be known collectively as Levity Entertainment Group. As the largest shareholder of the Improv comedy club chain, along with the combination of these operating units under a single brand name establishes Levity Entertainment Group as the comedy industry’s most influential fully-integrated independent comedy management, exhibition, production and marketing company.

Levity Management’s current client roster includes some of comedy’s leading performing and writing talent such as Jeff Dunham, Christopher Titus, Jim Breuer, Pete Correale and Brent Forrester (“The Office”).

Levity Entertainment Group has also pioneered a new approach to digital marketing and promotion for comics. E-Comic Branding is a digital marketing service that maximizes the success of comedic talent and material in the online space. E-Comic Branding targets and touches millions of comedy-focused consumers worldwide, building fan communities that remain committed and engaged around a comedian’s work, allowing them to maximize revenue across all aspects of their careers, including touring, DVD sales, television, digital, and merchandising.

“All of the capabilities of Levity Entertainment Group, including E-Comic Branding, can dramatically increase a comedian’s earning power,” said SVP Digital Media, Darrin McAfee. “The Levity advantage comes with our extensive arsenal of production, management and branding tools that work together seamlessly to deliver results.”

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