Rooftop Comedy to Co-Produce Comedy Festival in Aspen

RooftopComedy will co-produce a new comedy festival in Aspen. The ‘Aspen RooftopComedy Festival will build upon the deep history of comedy in Aspen with a re-energized focus on the discovery of new and upcoming talent, while embracing current technology to open it up to comedy fans all around the world. Aspen was the home of the annual H.B.O. / U.S. Comedy Arts Festival that ran from 1985 through 2007.

Showcasing over 30 comedians, the centerpiece of the festival will be the Final Round of the RooftopComedy National College Comedy Competition naming “The Country’s Funniest College Student.”

The event will take place May 30-31 and will include performances by Jimmy Dore, Chris Porter, Vince Morris, Mike Lukas, Robert Hawkins and Auggie Smith.

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